The 1 Year Anniversary Of the Central Park 2 Lap Jam For Joshua Hartman.

A couple of days after the red hook crit, Daryl Rogers, Major Taylor team mate of Joshua Hartman contacted us about helping raise money for Joshua who suffered an unfortunate accident at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Crit. Erin & Felipe, the creators the the 2 lap jam quickly agreed to have the next 2 lap jam benefit Joshua to help with his medical bills. This gave us only a few weeks to organize, reach out to sponsors and network. While the format of the lap jam is very simple, it’s the twist that Erin adds before each race that keeps riders on their toes. This lap jam would be no different. The theme behind this lap jam would be “team work” and the twist that was thrown would definitely piss off any rider who came out to dominate but i’ll explain that later on. 

The Events we throw are carefully planned out so all goes as smooth as possible. We have T.O.D meetings which a few of us discuss what we can contribute to the event and our availability. During the planning off this event Erin & Myself were in constant communication with Daryl about any changes or updates. Meanwhile Felipe was nervous about the turnout (He gets that way). A little background info on the lap jam is exactly a year ago Erin & Felipe came up with the lap jam as a way to shut down the smack talking within the group about who’s faster. The very 1st lap jam had 7 riders and before it went down Felipe (being nervous again) wanted to cancel it before it even started. Yea, I wasn’t going to let that happen. Fast forward to a year later and we now have a record 72 racers come out which was the most we’ve ever had attend a lap jam.

So here we are, Monday night, Columbus circle and at 8pm riders had already began to show up and get some practice laps in. registration didnt open up until 9pm but the racers were anxiously waiting to see who would show up and what twist would be thrown at them. Upon registration you had to pick 1 of 3 categories ; In it to win it, Here for a good cause or Fixie life bro FTW. once you picked your category Erin then gave you a number and sent you on your way. Each rider would then get 2 lap jam pins and signed the T.O.D Get well soon poster for Joshua. The crowd anxiously waits..

Now the twist. Riders recieved a number between 1-9 at registration, no one knew what these numbers represented. Like I mentioned above, the theme of this lap jam was team work. the numbers represented the team you would be racing with. At the start Erin explained the twist. “You can not start your 1st lap until you find all 8 members of your team, after the 1st lap you could not start your 2nd lap until all 8 members of your team crossed the finish line. the 2nd lap would then be an all out sprint. Yea this pissed off a few of the faster guys but as we all know there is no “I” in team. It was chaotic and nuts with people scrambling to find their team mates but overall it was good fun, No rider gets left behind.


Central Park 2 Lap Jam for Joshua Hartman


The next Track Or Die NYC Central Park 2 Lap Jam will take place on Monday July 1st 2013. This lap jap will benefit Joshua Hartman, the 14 year old cyclist who had a horrible accident at the Red Hook Crit Brooklyn Navy Yard which left Joshua with a collapsed lung among other various injuries. All proceeds from the lap jam will go to Joshua’s parents helping out with medical bills. Lets all help out this young man. For those who do not race, please come out to support.
Location : 59th st Columbus circle Central Park entrance.
Registration : 9:00pm $5.00 ( larger donations are encouraged if possible)
Race : 10:00pm (Fixed Gear & Single speed only)
As with all lap jams, there will be a twist.

Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 riders, 1st female and highest donation.

Let’s get the cycling community together and help out this young man.
Track Or Die NYC!