Sunday Ride to City Island


T.O.D at Orchard Beach

A few guys from the crew decided to take a Sunday ride to City Island to grab some Drinks, food and to celebrate the birth Of Payton James (PJ), The 1st baby born into T.O.D. Unfortunately the rain wanted to make an appearance as well but that never stopped us from riding before. With awesome seafood and cocktails at the destination, it wouldn’t stop us today. I also got to ride my KHS Aero Track for the 1st time so I was extra excited. Check out come of the photos from our sunday ride.



Jon & Angel with their inside jokes. 



Doug & Luis came out.




Even Putnum Jon Came out (Oh Sh!t)



Sunday Mash…Staten Island.

It’s been a weekly tradition that we have been trying to keep going, Sunday rides aka Sunday Mash. It is the day that we all unite to take a T.O.D group ride to wherever. The summer and Saturday night drinking has put somewhat of a strain on Sunday mash since no one would wake up on time the next day. This Sunday we decided to jump on the ferry and take a ride through Staten Island. As much as I hate riding the hills of Staten Island, I try not to miss an opportunity to ride with the crew. We all met up around 12:30pm at 110th & Lennox ave, The official T.O.D sunday mash meet up spot. I have to admit that I was the late one today seeing as i decided to take a late night bike ride which almost ended my life due to a car flipping over directly behind me. Once we all linked up we made way towards riverside drive to hop on the west side highway. There is this restaurant that has bike path going directly through it and since the numbers were strong for today’s ride, we figured why not. We some how separated with Erin & Felipe so we decided to wait for them to show up before we took off. They found their own way and somehow ended up in front of us so we now needed to catch up. 

We set up the GOPRO to capture the guys riding through the restaurant then made our way to the west side highway. We mashed the bike path until 50th street, that is where we jumped on the west side highway and kept the pace of traffic. we mashed all the way down to the south ferry where we would meet up with the rest of todays riders. At this point I had not eaten all day and I was craving some mcnuggets.  I took a walk over with luis to Mcdonald’s to feast while we waited for the next ferry to arrive. 

We passed the bomb sniffing labrador and made it onto the ferry on time. I always look forward to Sunday Mashes and riding with the crew but one thing I hate is the hills in Staten Island. After doing some bike maintenance on the ferry and throwing back a Fosters & Mcnuggets, we made it to Staten Island. We all regrouped at the terminal and decided the route in which we would take. Seeing as I consider myself to be human compass that always loses direction, I’d say we headed south (or west). The ride started out smooth for my 49×15 ratio until we hit the 1st hill of the day and damn was this a hill. I noticed those who were in front of me were struggling. I honestly was looking for a reason to get off but seeing as I come from spartan decent, I couldn’t let leonidas down. I didn’t bring my dslr today so the photos are all from my iphone. We all met up at the top of the hill, some of us rode to the top some got off and walked. I won’t judge those who got off and walked. I think the plan for the day was to ride into Jersey but seeing as I was running off no 3 hours of sleep, I just wanted to ride staten for the day. I cant even say that I remember the streets we rode but we bombed and mobbed them the only way T.O.D knows how. We mad a quick stop at the seven eleven to grab some water and slurpees. We waited for a few more riders to arrive and then kept on riding. 


Top of the hill


Slurpee break. 

Once we linked up with the rest of the riders we continued to ride the island. I think Staten Island feels more like Jersey than NYC but hey, that’s just my opinion. We probably only made it around 1/2 of the island and that was good enough for me seeing as I was falling asleep while riding. I think I was more excited about getting back on the ferry and eating nachos. 


Can’t beat buy 1 get 2 free at Dunkin Doughnuts.


We made it back to the Stadium which is located right by the ferry terminal. Some wanted to continue with the ride to Jersey but honestly from that location you would have to go back around from where we just came. We jumped back on the Ferry to head into the city and while the others were resting in their seats, I got NACHOS!!!!  Once we touched back down in NYC we headed to Qdoba which is one of the T.O.D meet up locations. From that moment on we just mashed the city until we slowly all went our separate ways. I love Sunday Mash!

Sunday Mash to Nyack.

When T.O.D 1st started, we were best known for our massive Sunday rides aka Sunday Mash. Recently with all the late night Saturday rides & drinking, we have slacked and haven’t been mashing on Sunday as a crew. The finger can not be pointed at just one person for this. After a long night of partying with the T.O.D crew the night before at Franny’s birthday party in Washington heights, It was now Sunday morning and time to mash. Rick had previously  mapped out a ride to bear mountain which we all agreed on for a nice 42 mile ride. I woke up around 12pm Sunday morning after getting home well after 5am (Sun was coming up), which I didn’t mind since I rarely go out anymore. Stanley was feeling some kind of way and left a very heartfelt post on the T.O.D facebooke page about no one coming out to ride on Sundays.  I showered, packed my pouch, Threw on my compression shorts and headed out the door to meet up with the rest of the crew at 110th. The mash to 110th was awesome as always, better than coffee in my opinion. Upon my arrival to 110th I noticed a circle of cyclist  on the corner, T.O.D! In the circle there were 4 new faces that have never been on a Sunday mash with us. That’s what Sunday mash is all about, meeting new people and riding. You don’t have to be the best rider, be a messenger or have the most expensive bike. If you enjoy riding, have a good attitude and don’t mind laughing and joking with a few assholes then we don’t mind you mashing along.

Dan AKA Harry Potter

Erin the Rocket

We all introduced ourselves and then decided to take a ride to Nyack instead of bear mountain. Still a nice ride and better for those who had never rode such a distance. The route would take us across the GW bridge straight down 9w. Felipe & Erin left the group for a moment to go home and get helmets, Better safe than sorry. We all began to ride towards the GW bridge from Harlem. I’m the type of dude who allows follows my gut (you calling me fat?), Something told me to go to a shop and grab a spare inner tube before embarking on this ride to Nyack. We made a quick stop at Larry’s freewheeling on 110th and Frederick Douglas, They were all out of  tubes in my size so then we made way to Mod Squad, Picked up the tubes and took off. Not even 15 minutes into the ride we unfortunately had an accident…a bad accident! Dan, an NYC messenger & new comer to the Sunday rides, ran into my rear wheel and took a nasty spill resulting in a sweet bruise on his left shoulder. I thought it was worse than that but Dan is a trooper and could also be hired as Harry Potters Stunt double. We pulled over and made sure he was ok, got some water and checked on his bike. Dan said his hip was pretty banged up and shoulder hurt but he would continue to ride as far as he could. That’s the F**kin spirit and the attitude we embrace at T.O.D! We took off to meet up with Stanley to head to the GW bridge when I noticed that I now had a flat tire. FML!!! I’m glad i bought that inner tube. We stopped on the corner of 145th and I fixed this flat as quick as I could. I hate being the reason a ride is delayed and i’m often harder on myself than need be.

Harlem River Drive

We fixed the Flat and headed to the bridge where Erin, Felipe, Tobias & angel were now waiting. This is where things got real for those who never rode with us before 😉 <— that’s a wink. We needed to make up time so we headed towards the the Harlem river drive. Stanley said, were getting on the highway so I replied “I’m wit it.” Dan Says “Are you guys serious, are you really getting on the highway?”. This is what we do, Track Or Die ! We jumped on the highway and mashed our heart out, I’m sure the passengers in the cars were in awe to see 9 track bike going in on the highway. Some may call us suicidal, I say were just having a good time. The hard part was climbing the hill to get up to washington heights from the harlem river drive. Once we got to the top of the hill which was the exit on amsterdam we regrouped and headed towards the GW bridge. The day had Just began.

The Crew

We met up at the bridge and made our way to 9w. Along the bridge bike path Stanley had gotten into an accident but i’m not 100% sure of what happened since I wasn’t there to see it. He said someone in front of him stopped short resulting in a tumble and his cog stripping…This day was already full of its ups & downs and we hadn’t even started the ride. Felipe the wrench repaired his cog and we made our way to the nearest bike shop to check Stanley’s bike. Upon waiting,  the guys checked out the bike shop while I checked out the hot asian roadie chick with the black & red compression shorts. We had a late straggler by the name up Rick show up at the shop. Funny because Rick setup the ride and was the last one to show up. We were all here and now it was time to ride. 9w is a beast in its self, full of hills that you would have to drive up let alone ride on a single gear. The roadies love that route. After a long rough start we were now up & running. Erin & Tobias seemed to be racing for 1st place while the rest of us kept a steady moderate pace. the weather was sunny and cool with the occasional misty rain which seemed to cool me off just fine. no complaints. We made a stop to make sure everyone was still with us and allowed those that were in the rear to catch up. We sat and talked for about 5 minutes then took off.

Felipe somehow took a tumble upon leaving the curb which resulted in him jacking his wrist pretty bad. Although he was in pain he rode through the pain which is a true sign that you are T.O.D! I’ll tell you this, those hills were so much fun to bomb, until it was time to go up them. the ride took a little over an hour and a half before we got to the 3 mile point. At this point we stopped at the local grocery store and grabbed something to drink. Felipe couldn’t continue on which was understandable, I honestly didn’t know how he made it this far with his wrist the way it was. Felipe & Erin headed back while we continued to Nyack to meet up with the rest of the guys. a 3 mile mash is nothing. We got word that Jorden was riding out to meet us….Only Jorden!!!

We mashed to Nyack and somehow Luis & myself got separated from the group upon entering the town. We waited for others to arrive before just heading in, Once we made it to the main street we saw Tobias and Dan mashing so we followed them and not to long afterwards we all linked up. We also ran into Arturo  & his friend (forgot his name) sitting outside enjoying a cold beer and burrito at a local shop. We all had made it to Nyack. We locked the bikes up and went into a dinner to feast on Burgers. The food was amazingly good and the waitress hooked me up with pickles (you had to be there). Once fed, we were all now stuffed and ready to take a nap but couldn’t make moves until Jorden the lone ranger arrived.

A few minutes after we got outside Jorden arrived, he made the ride. I gotta give it to Jorden, although he has a different style than everyone, is rarely ever on time, can’t drink and always get’s into sh*t, when he says he’s coming, he’ll be there. We decided to leave and head over to the Nyack Beach for a change of scenery. The beach was about a mile from the main street. While riding to the beach we were all cruising at a moderate speed when we heard a crash and turned around to see Jorrden laying on the floor holding his head. We had thought a a car hit him and kept going. We all rushed back to discover that no, Jorden was not hit by a car, he was riding with no hands like he always does and his seat came off the seat post causing him to drop to the floor. Again, Only Jorden! Luckily we were able to find all the parts to his seat post. We stopped to repair his seat and kept it moving.

We arrived at the Nyack Beach and the entrance alone was a steep hill that was perfect for mashing. We sped down the hill and you could smell the tires burning from the skids, it was great. We took the scenic path which probably reminded Putnum Jon of his Putnum trails. We found a location to rest at and shoot some photos. Climbing the rocks was pretty fun and just being out of the city even if for only a few hours was just what I needed to clear my head. It was now 8:00pm and we had about 30 minutes of light left. We headed back to the main st to Starbucks and then made our way back to 9w. By this time a few of the guys were beat up but kept going although we couldn’t see anything.

The ride back to the GW was pretty insane especially in pitch black with cars speeding right past us. Luis & Jon caught cramps riding back but thats the most we had to stop. We made it back from Nyack in good time and once we crossed the GW bridge we all seemed to part ways to go home. A few of us live in the same direction so we rode back. Upon entering the block I decided to buy a $5 pie from little Caesars and treat the fellas to pizza, Angel purchased the Soda. We sat in the park and began to feast while resting although we were only a few blocks from home. Another successful and amazing Sunday mash for the books.

I will put it like this, while I can only speak for myself, If T.O.D was to end now and we all parted ways, our experiences together on and off the bikes will be ones that I will remember for a long time. I’ll ride for my T.O.D family and  got love for all of them, even the annoying ones.  

Track Or Die NYC……NYACK!!!!

Sunday Mash

On Sunday, a couple of the fellas met up to mash through through manhattan and prospect park in Brooklyn. After numerous unforeseen bike issues, we finally got on our way but not before making stops at few local businesses that we like to support. Video coming soon.

Oski finally made it out for a Sunday ride.




Made a stop at the Strada Customs shop. Pretty ill.


Made a stop at “Jeremy’s” for burgers & beer before heading to Brooklyn.

The owner supports Track Or Die !!!


Laps around Prospect park to end the day.



New Track Or Die Vinyl Cut Stickers coming soon.