Carlos “Lalo” Reynoso : Red Hook Crit, Brooklyn Navy Yard by Geoffrey Tomes

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I first became aware of Lalo when I entered my first Alleycat in December, TrackOrDieNYC’s ‘s Winter Alley Cat race. Despite getting a flat not even 10 minutes in and having to go to a local shop to get it fixed I still finished in the top half out of 60 something riders. I believe Lalo won it, and he always seemed to be near the top of anything I entered. We were in the same qualifying at Red Hook in March, and while I was abysmal, he missed the show by half a second. He’s been schooling me at the velodrome, taking the high road and cruising past me lap after lap the other week in a point a lap race. When I checked the app on Saturday I saw that he was only two seconds ahead of me in qualifying. All I could think was “what’s with this guy?” He’s like Rafael Soriano: move him to the eighth inning in a non save situation and he gets bored and doesn’t do his best. He finished 90th in qualifying Saturday yet had the ability to turn it on and find the right mix of speed and agility to finish in 28th place. Going head to head against him for the last 7 months convinced me he was capable of a performance like this. Saturday he showed everyone.

Geoffrey Tomes @TeamTomez



Track Or Die Philly Portraits.

Sunday had arrived and most of the group had already jumped on the bus back to NYC. Those of us who stayed decided to stay, decided on keeping the “Sunday Mash” tradition going and did a quick ride through Center City in Philadelphia. Along the ride we stopped at Love Park to shoot some rider portraits. Portraits are my specialty so why not give the fellas some new Facebook photos. 

Stanley “The Grandpa”

Angel (always on the run from the camera)

Noel (Watch out for the quiet ones)

Warren (most falls of the weekend)

Jorden (The Frenchman on a Fixie)

Joe (Tour Guide for the weekend)

Rick (Iron Stomach)

Shardy (Me)